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Customs and traditions of Great Britain. Britain is full of customs and traditions. A lot of them have very long histories. Some are funny and some are strange. But they are all interesting.

The First Love. She was a beautiful woman, the most beautiful, I thought, that I had ever seen, and when she smiled - and she often smiled - the whole world seemed brighter to me.

Choosing a Career
In my childhood I wanted to become a very important person such as a famous musician or a president.

My Further Education
I think one of the best technical universities in Moscow is Bauman Moscow State Technical University. It is the oldest and the largest educational establishment in our country, which is well-known abroad.

My Future Profession
What do you want to be when you grow up? The time has come to choose your future profession. Finishing school is the beginning of an independent life for millions of school leavers.

Where to Go After School?
It's not easy to make the right choice.
First of all, we should take into account our own preferences and find out what our talents are.

My Ideal School
My ideal school won't be situated in the centre of the city. It would be in the countryside near a big park so that students could relax and play there after classes.

Were You Happy at School?
I can say that I was happy at school. I was lucky because my teachers were talanted and knowledgeable.

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University Days. In one's first year at Cambridge one is perhaps too new to the university to feel completely happy...

Top Tourists Attractions in Russia and elsewhere.The Russian tourist riches cannot be covered in a single tour, so it is better to go for a specialized tour package.

Текст «Одежда и мода» с глоссарием

Текст «История моды» с глоссарием и вопросами

Текст «Мода и цвет» с глоссарием и вопросами

Текст «Тату и пирсинг» с глоссарием и вопросами

Диалоги «В универмаге» (отделы одежды и обуви)

Неформальные письма о покупке одежды

Learning Foreign Languages

Books in our life

Sport and a healthy way of living


Подборка английских текстов о Москве

Short history of Moscow

The history of Moscow

Moscow territorial expansion

Moscow billionaires

Russian Federation

Fashion and Clothes. Every fashion goes through three stages. At first it is different; it may be new and exciting, shocking or surprising. Then it becomes popular, and the original idea is imitated. Finally it becomes boring and out of date as a new fashion starts.

Teenage Clothes and Fashion

Modern Styles

Tattoos and Body Piercing

Fashion and Colour

Writing letters. Shopping

A Short History of Hair

The Style You Choose. School uniform.

Youth Problems

The Style You Choose. School uniform.

Matrix texts

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