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The First Love University Days Abe Lincoln Grows Up Fashion and Clothes.

The First Love

I must have been about eleven years of age at the time, and my uncle and aunt had taken me to Paris for a month's holiday. We were living at the house of Madame Dupont, a pleasant old house just outside Paris. Every day my aunt and uncle went out to see Paris, but after the first day or so I wasn't interested in sightseeing; all I wanted was to be left at home to sit in a corner of the big dining-room or stay about the house and watch Madame Dupont going gaily about her household duties.

She was a beautiful woman, the most beautiful, I thought, that I had ever seen, and when she smiled - and she often smiled - the whole world seemed brighter to me.

But when she looked at me, I couldn't meet her gaze. I felt myself blushing to the roots of my hair, and I had to turn away to hide my confusion. I loved her; I couldn't help loving her, but I knew that I could never tell her so.

At last I thought of a way. I would buy her the biggest bunch of violets that she had ever had. For a fortnight I saved up all my spending money until I had twenty francs. Then one afternoon I bought the violets, and with them in my hand I went towards the sitting-room where she was doing some sewing.

Twice I went up to the door - and twice I turned back. The third time I took all my courage in my hands, knocked at the door and went in. She looked up quickly from her work, and then, as she saw the violets, a smile came into her face. I blushed deeply, but couldn't say anything; I just pushed the violets into her hand.

She looked down at them fondly and said, "Aren't they lovely? Thank your uncle very much."

Вопросы к тексту:

1. Where (to) was the boy taken by his uncle and aunt?

2. Why did the boy take a fancy to Madame Dupont?

3. Why couldn't the boy tell Madame Dupont of his love?

4. What did the boy decide to do to make Madame Dupont notice him?

5. What embarrassing thing happened in the end?

The First Love University Days Abe Lincoln Grows Up