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Lets talk about our school

— Hello, Betsy!

— Hi, Joan! In spring I'm leaving school and entering the university, so let's talk about our school.

— Yes, I agree with you. As for me, I like my school years. I think everything would be much better if we didn't have tests all the time and if there were less pressure. Besides, in my opinion, homework is a waste of time.

— I am with you there. It's always the teacher who decides what we're going to do. In my opinion we need more democracy.

— I agree. A great teacher is a great artist and you know how few artists there are in the world. Teaching might even be the greatest of arts. This job demands great generosity of spirit, love for children and devotion to the cause. If you like children, you will like teaching.

— You are right. But not all our teachers are devoted to their work and not all of them like children. That's why many lessons are boring and I have to doodle on my desk or write letters. Otherwise, I'd fall asleep.

— I'm at the top of my class in Maths. I'm going to be a Maths teacher. And what makes me mad is teachers who think that boys are cleverer in Maths and science subjects. And I think that we need more discipline, because without a bit of discipline no one would ever teach anything.

— Yes, school is not a place for fun like discos. But we can't do without school.

doodle - каракули, черточки (то, что человек непроизвольно и бесцельно рисует, в то время как его мысли заняты совершенно другим)

generosity - щедрость, великодушие, благородство
sincere generosity — душевная щедрость

devotion - преданность, верность, привязанность, самоотдача
selfless devotion — беззаветная преданность

otherwise - иначе

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