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My Further Education

I'm lucky to be a student of the Lyceum of Information Technologies, because it offers a lot of opportunities to continue my education.

First of all, our lyceum is affiliated to Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics. It has 4 faculties and provides good education in the fields of electronics, mathematics and information technologies.

To enter this institute we must have good grades in our school-leaving certificates and pass successfully the entrance exams in Maths, Physics and Russian language. It's not very difficult to enter this institute for the students of our lyceum, because we get profound knowledge in these subjects. Besides, we have special courses in our lyceum, which prepare us for the entrance examinations. But, of course, this institute is not as prestigious and world-famous as Moscow State University or Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman.

I think one of the best technical universities in Moscow is the Bauman University. It is the oldest and the largest educational establishment in our country, which is well-known abroad. Many outstanding scientists studied and worked at the university; among them are Zhukovsky, Tupolev, Korolev and many others. The university has 14 faculties, where you can get expert knowledge in many sciences.

On the one hand, I'd like to study at Bauman University, because its graduates are considered to be highly-qualified specialists, but on the other hand, it's very difficult to study there. In my opinion, Bauman Technical University offers too academic education, whereas Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics provides more practical knowledge.

Some pupils want to study abroad in such world-famous universitics as Oxford or Cambridge. These are international centres of teaching and research in a vast range of subjects. I think that studying in an English-speaking country is an incredible experience, bul it requires the ability to speak fluent English. Besides, you need to be sociable, outgoing and make friends easily. What is more, you'll have to adapt to a very different way of life. Everything is so different: the way people eat, sleep, work and all the various leisure activities are so different too.

Another disadvantage of studying in Great Britain is that tuition is not free there. For UK students there is the system of grants, whereas for overseas students the tuition fee is rather high and varies according to the subject. That's why I think that it's belter to study in your native city.

Moscow State University is much closer to my home than Oxford or Cambridge universities. And it is also one of the oldest and the most prestigious universities in the world. There are a lot of various faculties. But, of course, you"ll have to work hard to be able to enter it.

To sum up, it's very difficult to make the right decision. I think that the best place to study for the students of my lyceum is Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics or Technical University named afler Bauman. But the final choice, of course, depends on your knowledge of Maths and Physics.


to offer Ч предлагать
to affiliate Ч прикрепл€ть
to provide Ч обеспечивать, предоставл€ть
grade Ч оценка, отметка
school-leaving certificate Ч аттестат о среднем образовании
profound Ч глубокий
entrance Ч вступительный
educational establishment Ч учебное заведение
abroad Ч за границей, за границу
outstanding Ч выдающийс€
graduate Ч выпускник
to consider Ч считать
research Ч исследовани€
vast Ч обширный
range Ч диапазон
incredible Ч неверо€тный, поразительный
to require Ч требовать
ability Ч способность
fluent English Ч бегла€ речь
outgoing Ч отзывчивый, общительный, дружелюбный
leisure Ч отдых, досуг
tuition Ч обучение
grant Ч дотаци€, стипенди€
overseas Ч зарубежный
fee Ч плата
to vary Ч измен€тьс€
to depend on Ч зависеть от


1. Would you like to continue your education after finishing school?
2. Which university or college would you prefer to enter and why?
3. What is necessary to enter this university or college?
4. How many faculties does it have?
5. Which faculty would you like to study at? Why?
6. What are the advantages of studying in foreign universities?
7. Are there any disadvantages of studying abroad? What are they?
8. Would you like to study abroad? Why?
9. What is important for you in education?
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