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Where to Go After School?

At the age of 17 students in Russia have to make some important decisions. Will they find a job and start working? Or will they enter a technical college or a university? The choice depends on their likes and dislikes.

When choosing the place of future study it's a good idea to consider a number of factors. First of all, we should take into account our own preferences and find out what our talents are. We can do this through aptitude tests, interviews with specialists, and consulting reference books on the subjects that interest us.

It's not easy to make the right choice. There are a number of things we could do. For some of the most interesting professions, like medicine, you have to be very good at chemistry and I am not much of a chemist. Although my parents are doctors, I don't seem to be very interested in caring for others and helping them with their problems. I don't think it's a right decision to follow in the footsteps of a parent or a relative if you are not interested in this profession.

I have always wanted to be something like a computer programmer because I like computers and I am interested in knowing how computer programmes work. Besides, I have an aptitude for working with figures and solving mathematical problems. Maths is my favourite subject, and I am really good at it. So I think I can work in a scientific or computational field. As far as my personal qualities are concerned, I can say that I'm creative and hard-working; I have good logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Besides, I'm rather communicative and like to work in a team. So I feel I can become a good specialist in programming.

In my opinion, the profession of a programmer has a lot of advantages. It is a highly paid job, and it can give many opportunities. I will be able to work on the full range of development activities such as analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation. Computers are the most rapidly changing sphere of modern technology. The next generation of computers will be able to talk and even to think. We are living in the age of information. And I think that the future will be just filled with computers. Today in the world people work, go shopping or even go on dates, sitting at their computers.

But to make a good specialist in computing, you should know a lot of programming languages and application programmes. So after finishing school it is necessary for me to enter a university or a college and to study computer science. I'll have to take three entrance examinations: in Maths, Physics and Literary composition. It goes without saying that I'll need some extra knowledge to pass my entrance exams to the university or college. That is why I'll have to take preparatory courses in Maths and Physics. If I am lucky, I have the chance to study interesting sciences and to listen to the lectures of famous professors. Anyway, I have to get down to some hard work now if I want to achieve my aims.


to enter Ч поступать (в институт или колледж)

job Ч работа

choice Ч выбор

to choose Ч выбирать

to depend on Ч зависеть от

to consider Ч учитывать, рассматривать, принимать во внимание

to take into account Ч учитывать, принимать во внимание

preference Ч предпочтение, вкус

aptitude Ч способность, склонность

reference book Ч справочник

right Ч правильный

chemistry Ч хими€

to care for Ч ухаживать за, заботитьс€ о

to follow in the footsteps Ч следовать примеру, идти по стопам

relative Ч родственник

figure Ч цифра

to solve Ч решать

scientific Ч научный

computational Ч вычислительный

as far as my personal qualities are concerned Ч что касаетс€ моих личных качеств

creative Ч творческий

hard-working Ч трудолюбивый

logical reasoning Ч логическое мышление

problem-sotting skills Ч навыки решени€ проблем

communicative Ч общительный

team Ч команда, коллектив

advantage Ч преимущество

range Ч диапазон, сфера, область

development Ч разработка, создание

coding Ч программирование, запись программы на каком-л. €зыке программировани€

implementation Ч выполнение, реализаци€

rapidly Ч быстро

generation Ч поколение

to go on dates Ч ходить на свидани€, встречатьс€

application programme Ч прикладна€ программа

necessary Ч необходимый

science Ч наука

to pass exams Ч сдать экзамены

it goes without saying Ч само собой разумеетс€

preparatory courses Ч подготовительные курсы

lucky Ч удачливый

anyway Ч во вс€ком случае, как бы то ни было

to achieve Чдостигать

aim Ч цель


1. What options do students in Russia have after finishing school?

2. What kind of education does your school give?

Are you satisfied with the level of education?

3. What types of school are there in Russia?

4. What kind of school do you go to?

5. Will you get a job after finishing school or continue your education? Why?

6. How did your favourite subjects and interests influence your choice?

7. Is it difficult to choose your future career? Why?

8. Would you choose your parents' professions?

9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your future profession?

10. Will you need English for your future career?

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