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Fashion and Clothes.
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The Style You Choose


1. Buying a blouse
2. Dying your hair innatural green
3. Buying a jacket
4. Buying a skirt
5. School uniform


— Can I help you?

— No, thanks. I'm just looking around.

— OK. If you find anything you like, just let me know.

— I do want a blouse.

— All right. What size do you take?

— Well, I'm not sure.

— Let's measure you. I think size 14 might fit. Would you like to try this one on?
— Yes. Where are your changing rooms?

— Over there. In the back of the shop... Well, how did it fit?

— It's really tight in the shoulders.

— Yes, you need a bigger size ... How does this one fit?

— This pink one fits well, but it's not my style. What a pity!

— What about this one? This one suits you.

— Yes, this is a nice blouse. I think I'll take it. How much is it?

— $85, madam.

— Thank you very much.

— You're welcome.

— I like your hat, Jane.

— That isn't my hat, it's my hair.

— Your hair? You can't have hair like that, Jane, it's brilliant green!

— Old women can dye their hair blue. There are plenty who paint their nails red.

— That's not the same at all. They only stress what nature it meant. Green is ... green is ... I cannot find the words.

— Unnatural — is that what you mean? An appendix operation is too. And as for transplanting a heart...! And I love all my emerald hair!

— What does Chris think?

— Oh, didn't you know? Why, his hair is purple and red!

— Can I help you?

— Thank you. I'm looking for a jacket, this jacket. How much is it?

— It's a hundred and fifty pounds.

— That's too expensive.

— Well, we have lots of other jackets. How about this one?

— I don't like the colour. It's not dark enough. You see, I want something darker that goes with my trousers. And I don't like the pockets. They are too big.

— Well, what about this one?

— That's much better.

— It really suits you.

— Does it? How much is it?

— It's $50, madam.

— All right. I'll have it.


— Can I help you?

— I'm looking for a skirt.

— What size are you?

— I don't know. Can you measure me?

— OK. You're size 12. These ones are here.

— I like this blue one.

— Would you like to try it on?

— Where are the changing rooms?

— They are over there.

— It's too long.

— That's no problem. We can alter it for you.

— OK then. I'll have it.


— I hate having to wear a school uniform. I think you should be allowed to show your individuality, and clothes are something very personal.

— I don't think so. I think that a person should show his or her individuality at the party or at the theatres, but not at school. In our school we have a dressing code, which is necessary for all students.

— But not all schools in Britain have their dressing code. I wish there weren't a school uniform at our school.

— Why? You can show your individuality at Ann's party tomorrow. I think you've got an invitation.

— Sure. We're good friends with Ann. And you?

— I also have an invitation.

— So see you tomorrow in your new dress. Bye-bye.

— Bye-bye. I hope you'll wear your new dress too.

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